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Echonity is a unique digital qualitative research platform built on discussion boards and polls. Echonity lets you continuously track customer experiences and communicate with closed groups of customers in a social network environment.

Track customers’
experiences, motivation and needs

Brand tests

Get information about brand perception and positioning.

Customer satisfaction & journey

Find out how to get higher customer satisfaction step by step.

Decision and concept test

Let customers test ideas and decisions before making them.

Easy & Powerful

Easy to setup and maintain

Use a wizard to setup your project in just a few easy steps.

A modern, attractive interface

You will love the visual presentation of the Echonity Analysis Dashboard.

An engaging & intuitive experience

Echonity encourages user activity through gamification, its reward system and by placing new and important content first.

Supported languages


Inside Echonity Features

The moderator kicks off discussions.
Users comment on posts. These comments can then be tagged (see Reporting for more).
The moderator and users can interact further in a structured way.
Pre-defined Touchpoints
Emotions & Classic Five-star Ratings
Completing a task rewards users with points.
Users highlight what they like or dislike about images.

Moderated Discussions

Useful for both short-term discussions about current topics (a new service, the elections) and long-term mapping of customer experience.


Respondents can spontaneously write about their experiences with you or your competitors. This can either be public or only visible to moderators.

Tasks & Gamification

Motivate users to vote in polls or highlight areas of interest (or lack of) in images by rewarding them with medals and points.

All of the features above are extremely flexible and easy to adapt for almost any kind of project.

Reporting in Real Time

See exactly what you need to see – from the big picture to the smallest detail.

Global view

Overall view of customer satisfaction, with details and a trend chart. This also includes respondents’ task results and emotional diagrams.


Filter the global view to a specific time period, specific touchpoints, brands or demographic details such as respondent age.

Tagged entries

Moderators can tag the most interesting diary entries and discussion comments to quickly view the most relevant opinions.

Variable Design

A fully customizable experience based on your needs and requirements.

Quick Pop-up Research

Rapidly test out concepts, visuals, ads, etc.

Dynamic Ad-hoc Research

Cover campaigns or events such as Christmas shopping, summer holidays or the promotion of a new service.

Long-term / Tracking Research

Review customer experiences with your service, product, brand or company over the long term.


Pick a plan that fits your needs.

Prices are per project/month.

Free Premium Full Service
Features 0 349 / month Contact for Pricing
Respondent limit 5 80 Unlimited
Unlimited number of discussions and diaries
Profile questionnaire
Private messaging
Data export
File export
Analysis tools
Bulk user import
Polls, image highlighting and file upload
Discussion scheduling and targeting
Diary and comment tagging
Remuneration of respondents
Sending emails from the app
Project setup
Recruitment, moderation and reporting
NMS support
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About us

Established in 1999, our aim is to help our clients – the largest players on the market – improve their customer service, offer better services in general and attract new customers, all thanks to our marketing research.

Alongside our headquarters in Prague, we run branches in Slovakia, Hungary and Thailand. We also have partners all over the world.

We are a member of the SIMAR (Association of Agencies for Market Research and Public Opinion) and ESOMAR (World Organization for Research of Public Opinion and Marketing Research) organizations.

Visit for more information about us.

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