From cost savings to deeper insights: How Echonity platform boosted our research process

28. 2. 2023

Insight communities have become a popular tool for researchers seeking high-quality data and insights. At NMS, we have developed and continuously innovate Echonity, a platform used by our research professionals for five years, and where we've conducted over 200 successful research projects.

Echonity has proven to be a valuable resource across various industries and sectors, with over 210,000 participant posts and 50,000 diaries collected through the platform. So, why is Echonity such a valuable tool for our researchers? Based on our experiences, we have been able to verify that Echonity is:

1. Cost-Effective

Echonity offers a cost-effective solution for conducting online research, allowing researchers to save money on research costs while still collecting high-quality data and insights.

2. Quick Turnaround Time

Echonity enables researchers to gather data and insights quickly and efficiently, providing faster results and more agile research solutions for clients who need to make quick decisions based on the insights provided.

3. High-Quality Data

Echonity allows for the collection of rich and nuanced data from participants, providing valuable insights into their opinions, preferences, and behaviors. This helps researchers provide clients with deeper insights that can be used to inform business decisions.

4. Participant Engagement

Echonity fosters high levels of participant engagement and commitment, leading to higher response rates and more valuable feedback. This improves the overall quality of research and provides clients with more meaningful data and insights.

5. Longitudinal Research

Echonity is an ideal platform for longitudinal research projects that require ongoing feedback from participants over an extended period of time. This type of research can be difficult and expensive to conduct using traditional research methods, but Echonity provides a more affordable and efficient solution.

6. Access to Hard-to-Reach Participants

Echonity provides researchers with access to hard-to-reach participants, such as niche audiences or geographically dispersed populations. This can be particularly valuable for researchers who need to collect data from specific or hard-to-reach populations.

“Modular platform Echonity allows me to tailor research solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. I have found it particularly useful for clients in the telecommunications and banking sectors."
- Veronika, product specialist

Overall, Echonity provides researchers with a range of benefits, including cost savings, faster turnaround times, high-quality data, participant engagement, and access to hard-to-reach participants. By using Echonity, researchers can provide clients with more valuable and insightful research solutions and stay ahead in the competitive market research industry.

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