The importance of testing innovative ideas beyond your social bubble: Leveraging online communities for success

6. 10. 2023, Authors: Jana Svobodová

It often happens that we have brilliant ideas but only test them among people who share our opinions. Imagine it this way: You have a fantastic concept for a new product, but your colleagues in the office applaud every idea you come up with. While this may boost your confidence, is it really the right path? What are the risks of testing innovative concepts among colleagues and friends? And what if we could gather feedback from those who see things differently? From customers.

3 risks of testing within the social bubble

Limited insight: It's likely that our target customer base extends beyond our social bubble. To truly understand the needs and preferences of our customers, we must test outside of this bubble.

Biased feedback: Our social bubble consists of people with similar experiences and opinions. Constructive criticism and different perspectives provide us with an opportunity to refine our idea. Feedback from real customers can help propel our project forward.

Limited market perspective: Our idea may have potential in a market that lies beyond the scope of your social bubble. Testing outside the bubble can help us identify market opportunities that we wouldn't find within our own circle.

Online communities provide an excellent opportunity to test our ideas with a relevant target customer group. The Insight platform ensures access to diverse groups of respondents who are willing to provide constructive feedback.

Benefits of testing ideas in an online community

Better understanding of the needs and preferences of the target audience: Testing in online communities allows us to receive direct feedback from people who make up our target audience. This can help us gain a deeper understanding of their needs, preferences, and concerns, which is crucial for creating products or services that will provide real value to them.

Improvement of the product or idea: Thanks to feedback from the relevant target group, we can quickly identify shortcomings and areas that can be improved. This enables us to develop a better product or idea that better meets the expectations of our target audience.

Validation of market potential: Online testing can provide valuable insights into whether our idea has market potential, thereby minimizing the risk of failure.

Opportunity for iteration: If we receive feedback on our idea, we can quickly modify or enhance it and present it to the community again. This allows for an iterative process that can lead to better results.

Economic efficiency: Online testing is often more cost-effective than traditional research methods, allowing us to obtain valuable feedback without significant expenses.

Quick access to data: Online communities provide rapid and easy access to the reactions and opinions of the target audience, enabling a swift response to market needs.

Risk minimization: Testing ideas in online communities allows us to identify potential issues or shortcomings before investing significant resources.

Up-to-date market information: Online testing provides quick access to current market trends and customer needs.

Let's not be afraid to step out of our comfort zone and present our idea to a critical audience in an online community. It makes sense.

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