Seasonal events as a business opportunity: How the Echonity platform helps to plan successful Xmas events

19. 7. 2023, Authors: Tereza Welling Antoňová, Kristýna Kremličková, Jana Svobodová

Seasonal events can be a true business nightmare. Whether wanting to fine tune product offer, time seasonal milestones like promotions wisely, or set a successful communication campaign, use the Echonity platform to turn events into a seized business opportunity.

Every year is divided by seasonal events, some of them major like Christmas and Easter, some of them rather minor like Halloween or Women’s day. Although most of such events are shaped by strongly rooted traditions and habits, turbulent times like those we’ve been living in during the past few years bring many changes into customers’ habits.

As these events are related to higher consumption and spending on customers’ side, and increased investments on companies’ side, it’s crucial for every company to understand customers’ (shopping) behavior tied with these events not only to retain its current customers, but also to attract new ones.

During our countless years of exploring customers’ events behavior for our clients, the Echonity platform has proven to be the best tool to:

  • understand customers’ habits and expectations,
  • match your business plan with real timing of preparations & shopping,
  • evaluate and finetune your offer,
  • adapt your services to customers’ needs,
  • plan a successful communication campaign.

Case: Exploring shifts in customer behavior during Xmas under heavy inflation

Customers might say Xmas are all about traditions, but is this really the case for everyone especially during double-digit inflation? We’ve explored this topic thoroughly in a two months long online community for one of our retail clients. Among other topics, we mainly focused on:

1. Xmas preparations & habits

We discussed with our community members their Xmas preparation and how it was influenced by inflation in ECHONITY MODERATED DISCUSSIONS. Respondents shared what’s important to them adding pictures for demonstration, e.g., of their decorated homes.

2. Xmas shopping

We tracked and explored shopping experiences of our community members throughout the whole pre-Xmas period in ECHONITY DIARIES. We learned about shopping channels, preferred stores, shopping frequency and satisfaction. Moreover, tracking shopping and preparation phases helped us to discover real timing of shopping various products for Xmas helping our client to better plan communication and promotions.

Event Heatmap

3. Xmas TV spots

We shared selected spots with our community, let them discuss their preferences and vote for the best spot using an ECHONITY POLL.

4. Xmas campaigns

Besides discussing expectations from Xmas campaigns in general, community members used ECHONITY IMAGE HIGHLIGHTER to highlight specific details they did or did not like about the campaign’s visuals and added an explanation. For benchmark, we let them compare the visuals with competitors’ campaigns.

“Using various Echonity features like discussions, diaries, polls and heatmaps helped us tremendously to gather rich insights about how customers turned Xmas planning into real life experience and in what ways did inflation step in."
- Kristýna, online community moderator and analyst

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