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Echonity is a unique insight community platform built on discussion boards and polls. Echonity allows you to continuously track customer experiences and interact with closed groups of customers in a social network environment. This solution is perfect for agile research.

Echonity is flexible

Quick Pop-up

Rapidly test out concepts, visuals, ads, etc.

Dynamic Ad-hoc Research

Cover campaigns or events such as Christmas shopping, summer holidays or the promotion of a new service.

Long-term / Tracking Research

Review customer experiences with your service, product, brand or company over the long term.

Introducing 4 new AI-powered automations in our insight community for market research agility


Quickly and intelligently summarizes forum discussions, providing users with a concise overview of the topic and main points without having to read the entire conversation.

Hot Topics

Effectively monitors the hottest topics in moderated discussions, allowing users to quickly understand what is important to respondents regarding the topic.


Quickly identifies the most discussed topics in user journals, helping to understand customer interests and improve their experience with products or services.

Experience Highlights

Easily and quickly finds significant customer experiences, useful for optimizing the customer journey or studying competitor best practices.

Method Master: smart templates for research projects to simplify the work.

Method Master allows researchers to quickly and efficiently access different types of methods, saving time and increasing the productivity of research teams.

Our team of experts has created smart templates for various types of research in our insight platform. Use the templates for Concept Testing, Customer Needs Exploration, Customer Behavior, Ad Testing, UX and Usability, and Brand Positioning, among others.

Variety of Research Methods

A Community management and survey software platform is useful at any stage of the Design Thinking Process.

  • Moderated Discussion preview
  • Diaries preview
  • Quick Polls preview


Monitor and compare the obtained data in real time or mark the most interesting and relevant posts.

  • Easy segmentations
  • Mix of qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Real-time reporting
  • Gamifications
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Filters, tags and exports
  • Variable user roles
  • Members management tool
  • GDPR
  • Continuous development

Supported languages


Big players trust Echonity

Echonity has an impact on business. The platform allows a range of methodologies and techniques to be combined to help ensure that customer needs are reflected in products, services and communications.

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Freemium Standard Premium Full Service
Free € 199 / month € 249 / month Contact for pricing
Respondent limit (50) Respondent limit (100) Respondent limit (300) Unlimited respondents
File storage (10 GB) File storage (20 GB) File storage (60 GB) We will tailor-make the project and its parameters for you.
Unlimited diaries and blogs All from Freemium and... All from Standard and...
Discussions, polls, UX tests and Mystery Shoppings Image highlighting and post scheduling In addition, we provide:
Access to experimental features
Method Master
24/7 NMS support

In addition, we provide:
Access to experimental features
Method Master
Recruitment and moderation
24/7 NMS support
Customer journey AI features
Private messaging Remuneration of respondents
Data and file export Bulk user import
Real-time reporting
Segmentation of respondents
Incentive module, gamification

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